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Grape Seed Extract OPC

Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract(OPC) with Resveratrol

Grape Seed Extract is the most powerful natural antioxidant ever discovered – hence its ability to combat degenerative diseases, vascular diseases and viral infections.
Grape Seed Extract OPC has several exceptional characteristics that allow it to effectively target certain disease categories.
Grape Seed Extract helps protect and regenerate the structural proteins, collagen and elastin, allowing it to help with premature aging and the blood-vessel deterioration associated with vascular diseases.
Grape Seed Extract can help inhibit the formation of histamine, therefore helping to alleviate allergies and inflammations.
Grape Seed Extract is extremely water-soluble and absorbable, giving it the ability to protect all parts of the body, including brain cells.

Our Grape Seed Extract has 60 capsules per jar.

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Grape Seed Extract (OPC) 250mg
Betta C                                100mg
Hesperidin                             50mg
Bilberry                                  50mg
Green Tea                             50mg
Wolfberry                               50mg
Resveratrol                            10mg

More Info

What is OPC and what can it do for me?
OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) are a group of colourless bioflavonoids also known under the trade name “Pycnogenol(s)”.  Discovered nearly fifty years ago by Professor Jack Masqueller, they were then ignored for decades by a world obsessed with drug solutions to health crises. 
 However, OPC has now began to revolutionise medical understanding with its enormous diversity of benefits.  
This vital nutrient is found in all plants, particularly grape seeds and pine bark and has extraordinary and unique beneficial properties:

Why should we supplement with OPC?
Plants and their fruit contain only small quantities of OPC, concentrated in their skins, seeds, leaves and woody parts.  These are usually removed by modern food processing.
Our food is deficient in nutrients (including OPC) because it is grown in depleted and polluted soils.
As it is now common practice to pick fruit unripe for transportation, the fruit does not have a chance to manufacture OPC in the sun-ripening process.
Our body’s natural antioxidant defenses diminish as we age, making dietary antioxidants ever more important.

Resveratrol is the healthy component of red grapes that is believed to be the reason for the so-called “French Paradox” the tendency for French people to have great cardiovascular health despite the fact that they had a poor diet and a love for wine.
Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants because it not only helps you neutralize harmful “free radicals” but it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system, and studies show that its benefits are wide reaching, including:
Helps to prevent Alzheimer’s
Helps to inhibit the spread of tumors, especially prostate tumors
Helps lower blood pressure
Helps keep your heart healthy
Helps to protect your cells from free radical damage
Helps normalise your anti-inflammatory response
The latest study reveals one way in which resveratrol helps to protect your health, and that is, by protecting your body from “sphingosine kinase” and “phospholipase D” – two molecules known to trigger inflammation.  Resveratrol has also been shown to actively turn off the aging gene within the body (SIRT1) and is currently being researched by big pharmaceuticals and scientists alike.

Hints on how to take Grape Seed Extract (OPC)
Take Grape Seed Extract with your other vitamins or supplements, as Grape Seed Extract is known to work well with other natural supplements to enhance their effectiveness in your body.
Take Vitamin C with your Grape Seed Extract as it enhances its absorption.  
Take a Grape Seed Extract of 150-300mg per day.  Take the dose regularly so your body can become accustomed to its consistent absorption.

Did you Know?
Some studies suggest that Grape Seed Extract may help to stimulate hair growth, though more human studies are needed.

Tumors and OPC
Is it necessary to compensate for rising levels of pollution and radiation?
Radiation and free radical attacks can damage or mutate the genetic material in our cells, wiping out their ability to stop growing.  The resulting population explosion forms a tumor which can spread to other regions, eventually starving the body of vital nutrients.
Antioxidant supplements, such as OPC and vitamin C can help prevent the initial damage by neutralising destructive free radicals.  Clinical tests also show that they can help extend the lives of those who already have these tumors by counteracting the free radicals produced both by conventional radiation/drug treatments and the tumor itself.  Also, by maintaining liver health, Grape Seed Extract supplements help detoxify tumor-causing substances, enhancing the activity of antibodies, white blood cells and prostaglandins, they boost immunity.

Eyesight and OPC
Our eyes are one of the most susceptible parts of our bodies to radiation-provoked free radical attack from sunlight and television screens. For this reason, they contain the highest concentration of antioxidants in the body.  However, as we become older, this natural protection diminishes.  This can lead to:
The clouding of the eye lens – a cataract 
The reduced efficiency of the light receptors – night blindness 
Deterioration of the central portion of the retina – Macular Degeneration.
All these conditions can be improved with OPC and even “healthy sighted” people have reported increased visual sharpness (98% in a clinical test showed improved night vision).  Another factor in these improvements is OPC’s ability to improve permeability capillary, leading to healthier eye tissue.  This is why diabetics, whose eye capillaries often become damaged by sugar imbalances can find relief with OPC.

A lot of parents are concerned over the fact that not only have their children been diagnosed as having ADHD or attention disorders but the treatment involved powerful stimulant medications.  Research has compared the benefits of taking natural Grape Seed and Pine Bark extracts as having about the same improvements to ADHD sufferers as this powerful stimulant medication.  
Grape Seed Extract can literally help provide parents and children with a new lease of life.  It presents a natural and effective way to help alleviate ADHD symptoms.
The exact mechanism of Grape Seed Extract on the brain is still unknown, however there are 4 possible explanations
OPC’s are known to increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood
OPC’s regulate enzymes that control the levels and activities of the two neurotransmitters most important to outcomes in ADHD: dopamine and norepinephrine.  These neurotransmitters control excitement and hyperactivity.
OPC’s also help transport essential nutrients to the brain such as zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper.
OPC’s are potent antioxidants
Why OPC’s found in Grape Seed Extract are so useful to ADHD patients is their ability to support proper functioning of the brain.

Non-toxic- therefore safe to take even in large dosages.

Grape Seed Extract (OPC) 250mg
Betta C                                100mg
Hesperidin                             50mg
Bilberry                                  50mg
Green Tea                             50mg
Wolfberry                               50mg
Resveratrol                            10mg

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