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ActivFulvic 480ml

NEW ActivFulvic

30 x Fulvic Acid Concentrate

Fulvic Acid
 is a supplement that can truly maintain optimum health.  Fulvic Acid, which is 99.9% absorbable, has the ability to aid the body to absorb and use minerals, to remove toxins and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Fulvic Acid helps to eliminate the damage done by free radicals and assists with slowing the ageing process.  It enhances the bio-availability of many minerals and nutrients and is now becoming a “must have” supplement for all of us.

"ActivFulvic" Fulvic Acid potential benefits include:

  • As a dietary food supplement to support overall health and well being
  • As a detoxifier to eliminate waste products and toxins
  • During times of stress to support your nervous and immune systems
  • During colds and flu season to support immunity and strengthen resistance
Mineralife’s ActivFulvic supplement is prepared from a pure carbohydrate source by a sow femention process, tested and proven safe and effective, 100% pure nature-made Fulvic Acid, super concentrated for fast, effective results.

ActivFulvic comes in a 480ml bottle (32 day supply)

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ActivFulvic 480ml

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
Servings per bottle: 32

200mg of CHD-Fulvic Acid per serving.

Ingredients: Reverse osmosis water (MET Water) and pure patented, clinically tested professional grade Fulvic Acid.
CHD-FA is a registered trade mark of  Fulhold PTY (ltd).

Recommended Use: 15ml per day with a large glass of non-chlorinated water or juice. CHD-FA tastes best taken with citrus fruit juice. For other needs, up to 30ml .
Can be taken with or without food or other supplements.

Detox: Use 30 - 45ml for 21 days. Take one hour before or after food or supplements when used as a detox.

Children: Under 12 years use half the adult dose.

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