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The Cream Body Elixir Oil 150ml

The Cream Body Elixir Oil
Now you can nourish your skin all over

A natural body oil with Colostrum and nature's finest cold pressed essential botanicals.
You’ll find that it’s super concentrated so you can apply sparingly and massage into your skin for beautiful soft, silky skin all over! Or just add 2-3 drops to your bath and enjoy a nice relaxing soak!

TheCream Body Elixir:
It’s totally pure so it allows your skin to breathe without blocking pores
Gently softens, smooths and moisturises your skin all-over
Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone
Helps protect skin from dryness, irritation and rashes
Suitable for all skin types
Great for expectant Mum’s tummy
Suitable even for baby’s delicate skin

Only $45 (150ml)

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