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Mother and Baby Pack

Mother & Baby Pack

There’s nothing more delicate or exquisite than baby-soft skin, so you would naturally want to use only the purest, gentlest, most natural products to care for it. 
That’s why E-Health have put together a special ‘Mother & Baby Pack’ to help Mum give her little ‘peach’ the very best care she possibly can whilst also supporting her own health at such an important time.

This pack Includes:
1 x Colloidal Silver Gel 70ml
1 x Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitiser 50ml
1 x Colloidal Silver Lip Balm 15ml
1 x Pure Coconut Oil Soap Unscented 100g

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Coconut Oil Soap 100g
Made from just 100% Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil, rainwater and lye. 
Suitable for even the most delicate, sensitive skin, this totally natural soap produces a rich, creamy lather which gently cleanses your baby’s skin leaving it feeling silky soft and gorgeous. 
It’s suitable for all skins and is even ideal to use as a shampoo as well, so go on Mum, why not pamper yourself too with this totally natural, luxurious soap. Choose from unscented or with added essential oils if you prefer Lavender or Lemongrass. 

Colloidal Silver Gel 70ml tube
This amazing, all-natural healing gel is a really essential item for every Mum. It’s gentle anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral action  is useful for pretty much any skin problem you can think of – cuts, grazes, pimples, sunburn and especially nappy rash. 

Colloidal Sliver Hand Sanitiser 50ml bottle
Totally free from alcohol and harsh chemicals, this completely natural, anti-microbial hand sanitiser is safe, gentle and effective. It’s a real gem to have in your bag especially at emergency nappy change time!!

Colloidal Silver Lip balm 15ml pot

This handy little pot of 100% natural balm gently smooths, hydrates and locks in moisture with the added benefits of natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral support for your skin. This makes it not just ideal for lips but also sore, cracked nipples, cradle cap or any little sore, dry skin areas.

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