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Colloidal Silver Side Effects

The big question anyone should ask when trying any drug, health supplement or Nutraceutical is, "IS IT SAFE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY?"  If you went by what is available on the web with conflicting views from people wearing lab coats on and the amount of attention given to Two people who turned blue you would not know what to think.  

Like any drug there are recommended dosages and if you stay within those limitations then you are fine.  When you dig a little deeper into the people who turned into Blue Smurf's you will find that they made their own incorrectly, meaning that the potency was extremely more than recommended and then they proceeded to take many times more than the recommended dosage.  The fact that there are only two people from the millions of users of colloidal silver should give you confidence that when taken at the correct potency and dosage it is very well tolerated by all who take it.  Regardless I am sure that Big Pharma would be overjoyed with results like that in comparison to the results they get.

So we can't stop people from overdosing on Colloidal silver however to turn blue you would need to be taking over 2 litres a day for a long period of time to turn blue and that just shows how the desire to be healed can lead to risk taking.  But that is common when taking any remedy sometimes people think if I up the recommended dosage it will help me heal quicker.  So now that we have put the blue person to bed what are the other side effects.

There is only one other and that is common when your body is flushing itself of the toxins and things that it no longer needs.  Sometimes you can experience nausea or just a general unwell feeling for a couple of days as the body adjusts to the assistance it is getting.  That will then lead to the return of energy and a better sense of well being overall.  That is as bad as it gets I am afraid. 

We categorically declare that we have not had one person have an adverse reaction to our Colloidal Silver.  No has ever turned blue as a result of the colloidal silver products that we have manufactured and remember we give a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee on not just Colloidal Silver but all of our products.


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