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Colloidal Silver Liquid 

1.  What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal Silver is the most powerful, natural, antiseptic and body normalising substance ever discovered. 

2.  What does it look like?
When first made Colloidal Silver is clear, like water.  Up to 36 hours later it develops into a light gold colour.  As time goes on this colour darkens to a lovely gold colour.   Colloidal silver should not be taken if it has a blue/black or pink appearance.  This means it has been exposed to sunlight or has been contaminated in some way.  

3.  How is it made? 
Colloidal Silver is made by suspending pure silver rods into pure distilled water. When a low voltage electrical charge is placed across the rods, ions of silver are drifted off in the process of electricity passing from one rod to the other.  These ‘ions’ carry an electrical charge and in that state the silver remains suspended in the water. 

4.  What is a colloid?
A colloid is a liquid containing tiny particles of any kind of mineral, little larger than atoms.  They are so tiny that they are permanently suspended in the water.  Sea water contains colloids of all minerals, and the sea has been estimated to contain around 8000 million tons of colloidal gold. 

5.  Can Colloidal Silver lose its effectiveness?
Yes.  If Colloidal Silver is stored within the magnetic field of electrical devices such as TV’s, Microwaves refrigerators’ or washing machines, the electrical charge on the Silver colloids can be destroyed by that magnetic field.  Most bottles of Colloidal Silver have an expiry date stamped on the bottle.  

6.  How do I store my Colloidal Silver?
It is absolutely essential to store your Colloidal Silver in a dark place as Colloidal Silver is light sensitive.  A bathroom cupboard, bedside drawer or pantry with a door, are all ideal places. Do not store Colloidal Silver in the fridge. 

7.  Is Colloidal Silver used internally or externally?
Both, use internally to aid 100’s of ailments and use externally to assist in the cleansing and soothing of skin infections, i.e. cuts, scratches etc..

8.  When do I use Colloidal Silver?
Use Colloidal Silver internally for any health problems and externally for cuts, burns and any skin irritations. Colloidal Silver can support the bodys immune system

9.  Who can use Colloidal Silver?
Anyone at any age, from new born babies, pregnant mothers, to the elderly. 

10.  Is Colloidal silver safe to take while pregnant?
Yes.  Colloidal Silver is suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

11.  How do I know how much to take?
Adults: Maintenance Dose: 10mls twice a day, (morning and night)

Suffering from a specific complaint: 20mls four times a day for two days, then 20mls twice a day for two days, then revert back to maintenance dose

Children: 2-10 years: Maintenance Dose:    5mls twice a day  (morning and night)

 Suffering from a specific complaint: 5mls four times a day for two days 5mls three times a day for two days then revert back to maintenance dose.
Babies: 1month-2years: Maintenance Dose:    Spray Colloidal Silver mist around the area they breathe once each day.  Spray bottles are $3.50 each
 Suffering from a specific complaint: 2 and half mils twice day (morning and night)

Newborns:  0-1month: For any complaints spray around the area they breathe up to 3x times each day. (Spray bottles are available at $3.50 each) 

12.  Colloidal Silver can also be used on animals, dosage as follows 
Dogs:      Small - Maintenance dose  10mls per day
               Medium - Maintenance dose  15mls per day
               Large - Maintenance dose   20mls per day

               Suffering from a specific complaint.
                                Small -   10mls 3 x times per day for 1st three days
                                10mls 2 x times per day for next two days
                                Back to maintenance dose

               Medium - 15mls 3 x times per day for three days

Colloidal Silver can be given to your pet by sprinkling over food, added to their drinking water, or pumped directly down their throat with a syringe.

Cats:       Maintenance dose 5mls per day
               Suffering from a specific complaint.
               5mls 3 x times per day for 1st three days
               5mls 2 x times per day for next two days
               Back to maintenance dose 

Horses: Maintenance dose          20mls per day
               Suffering from a specific complaint.
               20mls 3 x times a day for 1st 3 days
               20mls 2 x times a day for next 2 days
               Back to maintenance dose

Administer by mixing into food, in drinking water or by syringe directly into mouth

Foals and Calves: - Scouring Calves

15mls twice a day (using a syringe to pump the liquid directly into the mouth) for 1st 5 days then 15mls once a day until healthy.

Birds:     1 x teaspoon in drinking water daily.

Fish:  (skin problems) - Half teaspoon per 20 litres of aquarium water every other day for 1 week.  If skin problems persist continue with this treatment and change 50% of the water once a week. 

13.  Can Colloidal Silver be used on Plants and Vegetables?
Yes, when you plant anything new, water your plant with Colloidal Silver.  Use it as a fungicide to spray your plants and fruit trees to keep them free from blight, bacterial pests , leaf curl and moulds. 

14.  What is Argyria?
A side effect of Silver when made with inferior water, heavy metal and taken in excess, was a condition called Argyria.  The cause of this is when silver particles become lodged under the skin, fingernails and under the eyes giving the skin a blue grey look.

We are aware of two cases, a Rosemary Jacobs and Stan Jones.

Evidently Rosemary’s condition was caused by a Silver Nitrate nasal spray prescribed by her doctor not by Colloidal silver.

Stan Jones would generate an 8 oz glassful of Colloidal Silver every day, using tap water and salt which produces a very high ppm Silver Chloride.  He drank this solution daily for 8 years before noticing his skin discolouration.  Under these conditions it is not Colloidal Silver that is being made, but a silver compound whereby the silver has reacted with the minerals in the water, depending on what these minerals are.  Silver Chloride is one possibility, or Silver Calcite, or a Silver Magnesium compound.

Silver today is made in Colloidal form using pure distilled water.  The particles are so light they float in the pure water, so in our bodies this Colloidal metal will float in the bloodstream and cellular fluids that can be easily absorbed and eliminated.  This is why, today, Colloidal Silver is safe to use without the fear of Argyria 

15.  Are your plastic bottles safe?
Yes.  These plastic bottles are made from the new high quality PET plastic.  It is the equivalent of glass for inertness and although quite expensive is light in weight and safe.

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