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Approximate Australian Air Freight Costs

> Approximate Australian Air Freight Costs

Australian Shipping

We ship to all areas of Australia.
However... Western Australia do have certain restrictions on our Manuka Honey Product.
Currently we are NOT ABLE to ship Manuka Honey to Western Australia (WA).
For any questions on this please contact di@ephraimhealth.co.nz 

Our international shipping rates are calculated per 0.25 kg and will be added during checkout. Please see chart below of approximate Australian freight costs.

The total freight price for your order will be given at the checkout, so that the combined weight of your order can be assessed more accurately.  

Delivery time is between 5-12 working days (International Air) - this allows time for customs and AQIS clearance before being forwarded on to your shipping address. 

All the products we sell are non toxic and safe to be imported into Australia under the current prohibited goods legislation. Manuka Honey is our most popular product within Australia followed closely by our Colloidal Silver Products .

Approximate Freight Pricing to Australia

Current – April 2013

Product Qty Price
Manuka Honey 1 11.66 No Western Australia Delivery
Manuka Honey 2 17.28 No Western Australia Delivery
Manuka Honey 4 28.44 No Western Australia Delivery
Manuka Honey 6 37.88 No Western Australia Delivery
Manuka Honey 8 47.36 No Western Australia Delivery
Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml 1 11.66
Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml 2 17.28
Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml 3 25.70
Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml 4 31.01
Colloidal Silver Gel 70ml 1 7.00
Colloidal Silver Gel 70ml 4 8.86
Colloidal Silver Gel 250ml 1 8.86
Colloidal Silver Intro Pack 1 14.47
Colloidal Range Pack 1 14.47
Colloidal Twin Pack 1 20.08
Colloidal Book Pack 1 14.47
Maca Intro Pack 1 8.86
Optimum Combo 1 14.47
Optimum Combo 2 22.89
Capsules 60s 1 7.00
Capsules 60’s x 4 4 8.86
Liquid Mineral 240ml 1 11.66
Aged Black Garlic 1 7.00
Aged Black Garlic 4 8.86
Coconut Oil 650ml 1 17.28
Coconut Oil 650ml 2 31.01
Blueberry Juice 750ml 1 17.28
Blueberry Juice 750ml 2 31.01

If you would like us to quote a freight price for you, please CLICK HERE to send us an email containing the products you would like and the quantities you require.

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