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There’s a natural beauty secret that’s thousands of years old...

You can have softer, younger looking skin just by switching from
artificial skin creams and chemical conditioners to Niugini pure and
natural, organic coconut oil.

  • 100% organic, cold pressed from fresh coconuts
  • Guaranteed free of added chemicals
  • Unbleached and unhydrongenated
  • Naturally rich in anti-oxidants to enure protection and youthful beauty

When the first European sailors landed in Tahiti in the18th century, they were totally captivated by the beauty of the Tahitian women, with their smooth skin and lustrous hair. Not just the young girls, but their mothers as well! Yet these natural beauties of the Pacific didn’t have any of the so “anti aging” creams and latest skin and hair technologies of today. They had only one skin and hair care ingredient available to them: pure natural coconut oil.

All commercial skin creams and moisturizers contain a large amount of water and a little vegetable oil – that’s why they appear to work. The water is absorbed into dry skin cells and pumps them up for a short time, while the oil smoothes and soothes the skin.

Unfortunately, the moisturizing effect is very brief because the water soon evaporates or is absorbed into the skin, leaving it as dry and wrinkled as before. Even worse – because the refined vegetable oils found in most skin care products have been stripped of all natural anti-oxidants, they rapidly oxidize and generate large quantities of free radicals that attack skin molecules and may damage skin cells even more.

Niugini organic coconut oil is so rich in natural antioxidants that you can store it in its natural state, unrefrigerated, for more than a year without any fear of oxidation or the formation free radicals.

By substituting pure virgin coconut oil for expensive skin care lotions, you can soften, smooth and plump up skin cells without the risk of adding free radicals to attack your skin’s healthy cells.

As Paula Begum, the modern guru of common sense skin care and author of “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me”, cautions her readers, the difference in effectiveness between the most expensive and the cheapest skin care and moisturizing creams is virtually zero. Even the most expensive are little more than water, glycerine and vegetable oil, prettied up with a little perfume. So why waste the money on a product that may actually be harming your skin?

Niugini organic coconut oil is closest in structure to your skin’s own natural oils

All commercial polyunsaturated oils (soy bean, sunflower, olive, etc.) are made up of large molecules of fatty acids called long chain fatty acids.

Sebum, the natural oil produced by your skin, is a short chain fatty acid made up of smaller molecules. There are only two commercial vegetable oils with the same smaller oil molecules – coconut oil and palm oil.

Even more significantly – both your natural sebum skin oil and virgin coconut oil have the same acid balance or pH – around 0.5.

Of course, as we grow older, our skin produces less natural oil or sebum, and the connective tissues in our skin, which provide strength and elasticity, become hardened, and so the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. A process hastened by the presence of free radicals on the skin surface.

Because virgin coconut oil has the same pH and molecular structure as your skin’s own oil, it is the closest possible substitute for it to protect and moisturize. At the same time, coconut oil’s richness in natural anti-oxidants prevents the formation of damaging free radicals which can attack skin molecules and affect the health of skin cells, causing aged and wrinkled skin.

Your Daily Nuigini Organic Coconut Oil Skin Care Routine

Make the switch from commercial skin care treatments that may contain free radicals that damage your skin to natural, gentle Nuigini organic coconut oil, one of the planets first and most trusted skin nurturers.

Gently massage virgin coconut oil into your face, and your whole body every day after your bath or shower, and apply to the face again at night after you remove your make up.

Apply a little Niugini coconut oil to the palms of your hands and gently massage into the face and neck, and you will find it is easily absorbed and non-greasy. (If your face does feel greasy, you are applying too much oil)

And here is the extra advantage of Niugini virgin coconut oil – while it is very safe and gentle on the delicate skin of your face, it works extremely effectively on the rough skin of your knees, elbows, heels and feet. Use it as a body lotion as well as a face treatment and your whole body will feel softer and smoother.

Niugini Coconut oil is a great hand lotion too. By protecting you from antioxidants, organic coconut oil can help stop the appearance and spreading of brown liver spots on the backs of the hands.

Enjoy Lustrous Hair with Niugini organic Coconut Oil

Every day, millions of women in Polynesia and India treat their long lustrous hair with coconut oil.

Just a teaspoon or two of Niugini organic coconut oil massaged into the hair before washing acts as a pre-shampoo conditioner, leaving the hair soft, smooth and deeply nourished. Just massage into the scalp and hair and leave for 15 – 30 minutes before shampooing.

You will notice the difference the first time you use Niugini organic coconut oil. This is because the oil is easily absorbed onto the hair, adding protein while improving strength and condition. It also helps to condition the skin of the scalp and protects against dryness and dandruff.

You can also use Niugini Organic coconut oil as a conditioner after shampooing, to replace protein and oils stripped out of the hair by the shampoo. After drying your hair, simply rub a very small amount of oil into the palms and then massage into the hair and brush or comb through for a healthy, lustrous shine that never looks or feels greasy.

Lose Excess Weight and Glow with Inner Health

Pig pic

In addition to directly applying Niugini organic coconut oil to your face, body and hair as a natural beauty treatment, you can also substitute it for polyunsaturated fats or oils in your everyday diet – with meaningful health benefits.

There is a fundamental molecular difference between organic, unrefined coconut oil and the polyunsaturated vegetable oils you may be cooking with now, such as olive, sunflower and safflower oil. The molecules that make up these conventional polyunsaturated oils are long and large. They are made up of long chain fatty acids.

By contrast, organic coconut oil is made up of smaller molecules or medium chain fatty acids which are digested and used by your body in a completely different way.

Long chain fats are digested in the intestine and enter the bloodstream, where they are either deposited in blood vessels as cholesterol or stored around the waist thighs and buttocks as energy stores of fat for emergencies.

By contrast, the smaller, medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are absorbed directly from the stomach and usually used immediately as a source of energy for everyday living. Many people believe quite wrongly that polyunsaturated vegetable oils like olive oil or soya oil are good for your heart and your body and somehow less fattening than virgin coconut oil. In fact the opposite is true.

In fact, studies have shown that by simply substituting your normal cooking oils for coconut oil, you can lose up to 36 pounds without making any other changes!

Makes a delicious slightly coconut flavored smoothie health drink when blended with a cup of spring water and a handful or of two dark green vegetables (rich in folates) or 1 – 2 cups of fresh fruit. click here for free recipes using organic coconut oil

Niugini Organic Coconut Oil Can Transform your Health.

Click the links below to Discover Scientific Evidence that reveals the Healing Benefits of the Healthiest Oil on the Planet.

This is perhaps the only oil that we can cook with that is heart friendly and actually lowers cholesterol! Guaranteed no Trans fats, it is totally organic and vegetarian, not to mention that it tastes delicious! Brown, fry, bake and grill without health risks. Free recipes

Research is mounting, by simply substituting polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarines with coconut oil…and doing nothing else…you can lose significant amounts of weight! It will feel you up so that you don’t crave foods that will put on the pounds, and it is easily converted to energy instead of settling on your waist, hips and thighs.

Reliable scientific evidence indicates that organic, cold pressed coconut oil stimulates the metabolism and encourages the production of insulin, reduces free radicals that inhibit its absorption into the cells, and is not deposited in the blood vessels as cholesterol. Put simply, coconut oil is seriously beneficial for people who have diabetes.

There is a scientific reason why organic coconut oil is less likely to deposit cholesterol in your blood vessels and fat around your waist and buttocks than conventional “healthy” polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarines. It is because coconut oil has a different molecular structure and, as a result, it is not absorbed into your body the same way.

Share the secret of the naturally soft and youthful looking skin of the beauties of Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Seas. Did you know that organic coconut oil has the closest structure to your own natural skin oil or sebum? Say goodbye to dandruff and enjoy your hair and skin at its most radiant. Coconut oil can even reverse baldness! Find out more about a natural skin and hair care routine which has been successful for centuries!

Because we are a fair trading organization, our policy is to send as much of the income as possible from sales of Niugini Organic Coconut Oil back to Napapar village to support its farmers and expand and improve the processing plant. As we wish to minimize distribution costs and mark ups, it is only possible to order this product on line at this time.

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