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We have been manufacturing colloidal silver products: liquid, gel, lip balm and deodorant for 10+ years now.  We have clients in both New Zealand (NZ) and Australia.  Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning and have been purchasing their colloidal silver products for their families and pets with confidence from us.  We would like to think that the reason for this is that we have always aimed to have the freshest colloidal silver in (NZ). How do we achieve this? Well we only manufacture enough to meet the demand on a weekly basis and we do not stock pile or store our colloidal silver products for very long. Other than a small amount of wholesalers, the bulk of our colloidal silver products are delivered direct to our clients which means that we can avoid the colloidal silver degrading significantly.  Degrading of colloidal silver can occur through excessive exposure to sunlight, magnetic fields from electrical appliances and the electrical fields that can be produced by large metal surfaces like bench tops and store shelves.  Lastly we aim to give our customers a great, fuss free and friendly service with prompt delivery.   

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