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Colloidal Silver Liquid Double Strength 10ppm

What Our Customers Have Said...About Our Colloidal Silver Liquid

“Never felt so marvellous. My daughter can’t get over how well I look. I recommend Colloidal Silver to all”.

86 yr old man

“I have always worn a hearing aid but when I went out the other day I did not have my hearing aid in. I decided not to go back for it as I was only going up to the shop. I turned my radio on by habit and couldn’t believe how clear I could hear it, I stopped my car at the top of the hill and for the first time in 30 years I could hear the birds singing. I couldn’t believe it! I put it down to my Colloidal Silver”.

“I had a sick lamb born in a really cold snap, it got phenomena. I gave it Colloidal Silver Liquid 3 times a day with a syringe and in two days it was running around perfectly healthy”.

Chrissie Warnock

“Wonderful stuff I wouldn’t be without it”

Jean Beattie

“I have started taking Colloidal Silver Liquid, now I can work in my garden and are planning a holiday which this time last year would never have seemed possible”.

Cynthia Jones

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